Billy McFarland Memories

This sixty minute DVD traces Billy McFarland's musical career, from the vibrant days of  the show-bands in the 1960s to the present day.  Capture the atmosphere of the Ballrooms of yesteryear and wxperience the traditions and culture of Ireland in days gone by.   All this, plus the velvet voice of Billy McFarland makes this a DVD you mustn't miss.

1 Trumpet Medley 8 Just Prending
2 Thank you Lord for my Irish Mother 9 I'll Take you home again Kathleen
3 The Showband Years - Monolouge 10 The Connemara Cradle Song
4 Angel Judy 11 Lay my head beneath the Rose
5 Maggie 12 Eileen
6 I Overlooked an Orchid  13 Forever and Ever 
7 Mama Sang
14 Trumpet Solo - Santa Lucia

Price: £10.00
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