Farming Down The Years

Based on the 1955 Corn Harvest.

For the small farmer the 1950's were difficult years.  Money was scarce and farming was beginning to move into a new gear.  The tractor had by now almost completely taken over from the horse and farming men were starting to realise that they too had to move with the times.

This film, based on 1955, looks at the corn harvest and the changes which were taking place at that time.

Tommy Doherty had just bought a 1939 Fordson for £50 and he explains the difficulties of starting farm contract work.  A 16 hour day was then not uncommon.

Vintage enthusiasts like Tommy, his neighbours Michael McNamee and Willie Turner take us though the complete season of the corn harvest.  With so much vintage farm machinery on display, the now almost forgotten sounds of the corncrake and cuckoo, this film should bring back many memories for the older generation and give a good insight to those who do not remember those harrowing but happy days a generation ago.

Price: £10.00
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