farming dvds

Farming dvds are the main genera of dvds produced by Irish film maker John Thompson.  As the ways of Irelands farming started to change in 1950s Ireland,  with the tractor starting to over take horse work in Ireland farming with horse's began to become obsolete.  Our farming dvds show the progression from horse to horse power. The first farming dvd produced by us was "Farming down the Years" based on the 1955 corn harvest which showed how the tractor had emerge onto the Irish farms and man power was also being replaced by the power of tractors and other new machinery.  This dvd rein acts the full harvest of 1955, from the preparation of the soil all way through to threshing the corn stack at the end of the season. "Lint and Linen" the next farming dvd produced by Thompson Video productions, shows the making of Irish linen also in 1950s Ireland. The 1 hour long film also a re-enactment of flax farming captures the full process of planting flax right up until an Irish linen table cloth.  Linen in Ireland was perhaps Irelands most notable export and was a successful export all over the world. Next in our series of farming dvds was "A Taste of Farming Life" this time telling the story of potato farming in Ireland.  Once again the full season from start to finish was committed to dvd.  Potato farming is synonymise with Irelands culture and shaped Irelands history for ever.  We also produced a dvd on the Irish famine. As our farming dvds where gaining interest all over Ireland, the UK and indeed world wide with many people who had left Ireland, Thompson video productions made another farming dvd "The history of farming". This farming dvd shows how farming had dramatically changed in Ireland over the last 100 years, showing the donkeys and horses on the Irish farm and then the emergence of the tractor and its labour saving implements on all types of farming in Ireland. John Thompson continued with his farming dvds and within 20 years had produced 20 irish farming dvds.