The Golden Years of Farming

This DVD deals with the changing face of farming in the 1960s. Men who had worked all their lives with horses were now changing to the tractor and inside the farmhouse the advent of piped water and electricity were making life better for the farmer's wife.In this DVD the Ballyronan vintage club go through the changing face of farming as well as the changes which were affecting the rural community in the early 1960's.  Tractors had by this time replaced the horses on the land and the housewife was also experiencing the luxury of piped water in her kitchen as well as the miracle of the electric light which had replaced the candle and tilly lamp.  The hard times were now gone, although the TV set in the corner had done away with the art of conversation, craic and card playing, once a part of Irish life, now gone forever.  I would like to express a special thanks to Frank Bigmore, the members of Ballyronan vintage club and Derek Esbie and his Clydesdales for their help during the making of this production.  Music is provided by P.J. Murtagh, John Watt, Curtis Magee and Cathal Murray.

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