The Good Old Irish Harvest

The Claudy and Foreglen vintage club go back to the good old days of farming re-enacting the farming years of long ago.  There are also many interesting interviews with those who remember those harrowing but happy days of farming during the 1940's and 50's.Ploughing the ground and planting the seeds in Spring, the season progresses through the harvesting with horses, scythes, reapers, binders and many tractor pulled vintage machines.As well as the stories and crack from the club members there is also an abundance of music and song.  Singing farmer John Watt sings "The Wee Grey Ferguson-Brown", "Farmin songs and stories" and "The Oul Threshing Mill" wihile local lass Christine Mullan sings "An Irish Harvest Day".

Price: £10.00
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