John Watt Country Craic

Although we are now living in the modern years of the third millennium some things have never changed - such as the old country craic which has been handed down through generations in the rural areas.  This DVD the singing farmer's 10th to date captures country life at its very best and like all the others which he has made, it is filled with good music, song and beautiful scenery.  We do hope that you can join us in our production for we are certain that you will enjoy meeting the farmin folk and join in the country craic.

1 The Scottish black faced Ewe   9 Dunluce Castle 
2 The bluebell polka   10 Home to Donegal   
3 Forty shades of green  11 Mary from Dunglow
4 Farmin folk and Country craic       12 Glenswilly

North Antrim could well do without a Lignite mine 

13 Bonnie Lass o Bonnaconl
6 The travelling grocery man 14 Green Glens of Antrim 
7 I'm just luckey I guess 
15 Wild side of life 
8 The turf man from Ardee  
16 I belong to Glasgow
17 Western Home  
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