Lint & Linen - the linen industry in Ulster

This DVD deals with the Flax Industry in the 1940s and 1950s. It looks at the complete year of flax production including sowing, pulling, dam retting, stooking, scutching, beetling, spinning and weaving to name a few.For over 250 years farmers all around Ireland grew flax and the world famous Irish linen label became a symbol of wealth prosperity.

By the end of the 1950's the man-made fibre industry began to spell the end of the flax growing and by the end of that decade it had failed to exist completely in this area.

This year Tom Stewart and his neighbours from Gortnamoyagh, outside Garvagh, men with a keen interest in the past, decided to grow 2 and a half acres of the famous flax.  This DVD follows Tom's progress and highlights his many struggles mainly iwth the weather.

As well as the nostalgic memories which this film should birng back we also show a side which many of the farmers never saw.

As well as the growing, pulling , stooking, dam retting and drying, we also follow the crop through scutching, spinning, weaving, beetling, bleaching until after being handled 27 times the Gortnamoyagh flax is transferred into a beautiful although expensive Irish Linen Tablecloth.

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