More o the Magic

The 1991 North West 200 provided some of the closest racing seen over the famous Triangle circuit form many years, with 4 of the 7 races being decided literally on the last bend.

During the Regal 600 race one local observer remarked: "Boys that's some racing, there' like a pack of sheep being' chased by dogs."  At times there were 9 riders together with the lead changing on every corner.

Our eight camera-point coverage this year is well backed up by an informative live commentary by man in the know Derek Mason (Big D).  Racing correspondent Davey McBride gives us his views on how the organisers are attempting to make the N.W. a full week festival.

We also have the predictions of former race hero Ray McCullagh and "Road Racing Ireland" magazine boss Wallace Rollins.

Will the Nortons provide the magic again this year?

Will Joey, now back to form, be "yer amn" this year?

Will the new Prince of Ulster's roads Philip McCallen come up with the godds?  The producers found that the racing was just too good to cut so this year it is 76 minutes of pure road racing.

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