Muckross - preserving the past

This DVD was filmed in Muckross Traditional Farm, Killarney.   Based on the 1930's this DVD deals with a time when all the work on the farm was done with men and horses. This DVD goes through the complete season on the farm and also shows the women's roll, making butter, buttermilk and baking bread on an open fire.Muckross Traditional Farms are situated in the centre of Killarney National Park and are only a couple of hundred yards from Muckross House.  There were first opened in May 1993.  The houses, boreens and field structures were built on a 70 acre site and are an exact copy of a townland in Barleymount, Aghadoe, Killarney.   The farms were set up with a view to preserving the crafts and skills of rural Ireland.  The farms themselves are actual working farms with their own horses, cattle sheep, pigs and hens.  Nothing on the farms are actually staged so what you will see will depend on what time of the farming calendar year you visit.This video covers the complete farming year based on the 1930's.

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