The Story of a Fordson

 In 1937, Henry Ford’s tractor, the Fordson N was the best selling tractor in the British Isles.   By the end of World War 2 they were slowly but surely appearing  on the better off farms over here.

 Priced at around £205 the Ford Company claimed that this tractor could do the work of eight horses and two horsemen.

  Eamon McKenna, a vintage enthusiast from Maghera discovered   a Fordson N decaying  away in a garden where she had lay for the 

past 50 years.  With the help of his father Paddy, neighbours Raymond McNamee and Liam 

Donnelly they undertook the task of restoring the tractor to her former glory.

Frank Bigmore and his Ballyronan Vintage Club members give a good insight into what farming was like in the years following the end of World War two.

Price: £10.00
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