Those Days are Gone - The Story of Turf Cutting

This video tells the story of how Turf was harvested by countless generations in Ireland. The turf cutting methods of yesteryear are re-enacted showing the turf being cut by hand using the turf spade also know as The Slane. We show the turf bank being stripped to get it ready for cutting and we also show the different turf cutting techniques which would have been used though Ireland. Each stage in the process is documented, from wheeling the peats to the drying field, to footing the turf though to getting the dried turf back home. Showing the turf being brought back home with donkey and cart, our videos try to capture both the techniques and the atmosphere of the moss which will bring memories back to those who spent time in the moss in their younger days. The importance of harvesting the turf for the people living in rural Ireland is explained as it was needed to heat the home and as a source of fuel for cooking.  

This video can be an educational piece for those who never experienced turf cutting or a nostalgic piece for those who can remember cutting turf in Ireland. We also show the more modern methods used today to harvest peat on a commercial scale.

Also featured on this video are bee keeping, old breeds of cattle kept on Irish farms and a look at small scale poultry farming.  This video runs for one hour.


Produced by Thompson Video Productions Co. Derry Northern Ireland 

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