Those Days are Gone

This DVD is about the turf cutting when men, women and children went to the bog to cut turf using a spade and turf barrow.  By the 1970s machines were on the market to cut more turf in an hour than a man would have done in a week. The DVD also looks at the ancient art of bee keeping, old breeds of Irish cattle and poultry production.For countless centuries peat land has covered much of rural Ireland and every farmer and indeed almost everyone living in the country had a turf bank.  Turf was dug from the moss, dried and used as a fuel to heat the Irish homes for many years.   The various methods used to cut the turf are shown here and by the 1970's a tractor driven peat cutting machine came onto the market.  Hohn Linton and his son Philip show us the working of this ingenious device capable of cutting more turf in an hour than the man with the spade could have done in a week.  As well as the turf cutting this video also looks at hay making in the 1960's, small breeds of Irish cattle, bee keeping and the house wives favourite - The Hens.

Poultry sales used to be common here and we visit Killygullib where once a month there is the biggest poultry sale in Ireland.

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