T J Stuart Homeward Bound

Ireland's new singer songwriter. 20 Great Country Songs. Bonus track featuring Brenda Mulgrew. Filmed on location around the North Coast of Ireland

1 Homeward Bound 11 Back to Co. Antrim
2 The Girl I left behind 12 Does Fortworth ever cross your mind
3 Picture in a frame 13 If I could stop the hands of time
4 The Portrait 14 The man who calms the sea
5 The rosin on the bow 15 If those lips could only speak
6 Started hating cheating songs today  16 Midnight teardrops
7 Going back to Ireland in the Spring  17 The songwriter
8 Every rose will have its thorn 18 Four in the morning
9 Honk if you honkytonk 19 Blowing in the wind
10 Golden Anniversary
20 Knocklead Mountain


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